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Style Your Pillows Like a Designer!

July 10, 2020

How to style your throw pillows. Shop this look here.

Here are some easy tips to help you style your decorative pillows like a pro!

1. Select your pillows by fabric: Choose pillow covers made from natural fabrics. My go-to’s are cotton, linen, and washed velvet. I try to stay away from acrylic and polyester. Also, keep in mind that even though these are decorative pillows, they should still be somewhat comfortable and not overly scratchy or embellished.

2. Mix patterns: Choose a collection that includes solids, linear patterns, soft geometric patterns, and florals all within the same basic color pallet. I like to use neutrals and blues.

3. Inserts matter: If you purchase an inexpensive pillow cover it will most likely come with a cheap foam insert. Swap this out for a down insert to give it a high-end look! (Get my go-to affordable down inserts here.)

4. Fluff and Chop: Choose inserts that are one size larger than the cover. For example, use a 22″ insert for a 20″ pillow cover. Fluff your pillows daily to keep them from looking flat. Once they are nice and full, give them a “karate chop” in the middle to give them this v-shape!

Here is a mix of custom handmade pillows alongside Target and Homegoods finds. Don’t they look beautiful together? Stick with these basic rules and you’ll be able to mix patterns and price points like a pro!

Shop my favorite mix of high-end and affordable pillow covers here:

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