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Mini-post: My behind-the-scenes basics that I use when styling spaces. AKA: Home Hacks

November 23, 2019

Here are some products that I keep in my work bag to help set-ups go smoothly. You can use these products in your own home to solve some of your design dilemmas!

  1. First up are chair gliders. Use these on your dining room or kitchen chairs to help them slide over a rug. These are especially helpful if you have a jute or natural fiber rug that tends to snag. These can also be really helpful in an office if your desk chair is not on wheels.
  2. The next product that I use constantly are these felt pads. There are so many uses for felt. I use the small round or square pads on the legs of chairs or stools that have to slide on hardwood or tile. It makes them glide easier and more importantly protects the floor. I also use them under trays or decor to protect wood coffee tables and consoles. I even use them to help move large furniture pieces. I just pop them on the bottom of the piece and slide!
  3. OK. So, we all know the feeling of getting a picture frame or even an entire gallery wall hung just perfectly. Then someone bursts in and slams a door and now everything is just slightly off. I use this mounting putty (just a small piece) behind all of my art to keep it level. Plus, when you want to take something down, there’s no wall damage!
  4. By now I think everyone knows the benefit of Command hooks – no wall damage when you want to take them down! It’s genius. I love using these to hang seasonal products like wreaths and garlands.
  5. Last is probably the most useful product in my arsenal. Carpet tape. There is nothing worse than when you unroll a new rug and you just can’t get the ends to stay down. I also use this to keep entry rugs and runners (any rug, really) in place. When you want to move the rug – they pull up with no floor damage!

Hope you found these little tips helpful. Thanks for being here! Please feel free to leave a comment or question. I would love to hear about your favorite “home hack” products.

*The items linked in this post are through affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something through the link I may receive a small commission. This helps to fund this blog and allows me to keep creating more content. So, thank you!!

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